Eco-friendly Home Materials for a Breathable Home

We don’t want to create Sick Building Syndrome when we use certain materials when we renovate a home or build one from scratch. We have to use green building supplies if we want to to have a beautiful end result of a non toxic and breathable home.

There are several zero volatile organic compound products (VOC) that we can choose from if we only have the patience to research and scrounge around for them in our community, or even online, for a global search. They are healthy and environmentally safe products designed for happy and non toxic green living for any human shelter as important as the home.

Instead of traditional sheathing like exterior grade plywood which has formaldehyde, why not switch to ExtremeGreen Board. It is fireproof, doesn’t form mold, doesn’t have formaldehyde and will not be eaten by insects.

Instead of the usual grout for flooring, use C-Cure AR Grout which doesn’t have biocides or latex or Polyblend which also has no biocides but has a fast curing latex.

Biocides kill pathogens but they pose danger to humans especially pregnant women, kids and people with medical conditions.

Instead of conventional insulation like foam and fiberglass which both contain toxic flame blockers, use instead American Rockwool which is also flame resistant but have the added benefit of being not prone to mold, is not attractive to pests, has no smell and is not lung damaging like fiberglass.

Instead of conventional drywall, use Foreverboard which is also made of safe magnesium oxide, like ExtremeGreen Board. It doesn’t smell, is fireproof and doesn’t have the tendency to form mold or mildew. Contractors love this healthy option for drywalls. But if you have other alternatives, just use one without biocides and have it installed in a compact way which doesn’t welcome moisture.

As for flooring which is essential because the occupants of any home will be touching it with their feet the whole time they are relaxing at home, it is a must that it is made from green building supplies that will withstand toxicity tests all the time.

One such renewable material for flooring is cork which is sourced from the bark of the cork oak tree. It provides natural insulation against both heat and cold and repels mold, bugs and mites.

One other recommended flooring material which doesn’t violate any sin against the environment are recycled hardwood, sourced from used flooring and other building uses. When you use this in your floors, you eliminate the need to chop down another tree. But be sure it was never treated with toxic chemicals before.