Why you should use reliable cremation services

If you have just lost a loved one and no one can attend to the body, do not worry. California Cremation Center is here for you. We are the only crematory in Los Angeles and Orange County with a drive-through, making us ideal for all clients living on the westside, eastside or San Gabriel Valley.

The process of cremating a body is extremely difficult; if you do not use reliable cremation services, you could be putting your loved one at risk. Our staff has undergone extensive training and years of experience in cremation processes. This is why we are the preferred choice regarding reliable cremation services in Los Angeles and Orange County.

Make your arrangements beforehand, not when you need them

It can be very stressful to arrange after death, but if you make sure to have everything sorted out beforehand, this can take away all the pressure that comes with arranging funerals. Don’t hesitate to contact us today if you are interested in finding out more about our services.

What are other services offered?

If you are looking for cremation services in Los Angeles, Orange County or Palm Springs, then you should be aware that we offer a range of different services. We offer funeral/cremation planning and provide economical options and respectfully handle the remains according to your wishes.

California Cremation Center provides a number of other valued services including:

Full-service pre-arrangement program – including grief support and the preparation of direct cremation and memorial tributes after the death has occurred.

Direct cremation – performed without any rituals or ceremonies which can be attended by close friends and family members at California Cremation Center’s facility in Seal Beach.

Urgent cremation – which can be performed within an hour of the death.

Cremation services to all local cemeteries in Los Angeles, Orange County and Palm Springs.

Burial/burial arrangements – which are offered to our customers that want to make their final resting place a personal choice. We not only take into consideration their wishes but also their families’ wishes as well.

Final resting place – we not only provide burial/burial arrangements but we also have the option of arranging the cemetery and the memorial stone, or plaque for the final resting place.


There is no doubt that California Cremation Center will be your best choice. Our staff has the experience to deal with all types of deaths, and our services suit all clients. We never lose our calm and we are always a comforting presence for loved ones who need to make arrangements for the deceased.